Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Song of the Day - Working for a Nuclear Free City - "Rocket"

OK, so normally I wouldn't write two posts about the same band in one day, but since my earlier post about this band didn't include any music to stream, I figure that it was only logical to give you a little taste of why I am can't stop listening to this band.

The title track from the Rocket EP encapsulates all that I love about Working for a Nuclear Free City's music. It begins with an understated acoustic strumming and steadily builds with groovy synths and eventually climaxes with a crashing wave of sampled piano (taken from their friend's grand piano at the house where the song was recorded) and cymbals before lead singer Phil Kay even gets to the chorus. After things come back down to...um...earth (the cheesy space reference wasn't intentional, I promise) Kay repeats a chorus of escapist declarations: "If you feel unclean better bleach your body/If you feel the hate better kill somebody/If you're feeling ill better leave your body/If you wanna leave better build a rocket" and then whole thing builds up again to this fantastic point where you feel a real moment of anticipation before the final release. At that point, the whole song just explodes into a beautiful cacophony of synths, samples, pulsating bass and an avalanche of drums.

It really is a rare thing when a band sets out to form an ambitious sound and ends up with a creation that holds up to such a lofty goal. In the end, Rocket's sound is so big that it can't help but launch itself into interstellar territory.

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