Monday, August 27, 2007

Song(s) of the Day - Prefuse 73: "The Class of 73 Bells" & "El Blanco"

Today I have a special treat for everyone. Instead of the normal Song of the Day, I have a two-for-one special. Why the sudden, seemingly random generosity? Simple, there's a new Prefuse 73 single out and it KICKS ASS!

For many Prefuse fans, this shouldn't be a surprise, but since I was a little underwhelmed by 2005's Sound of Silence, I was beginning to think maybe Scott Herren was losing the magic touch. Thankfully, Herren dismisses my (until now) tepid expectations quite definitively with his new single, "The Class of 73 Bells."

A collaboration with Brooklyn's School of Seven Bells (who, until today, I had never heard of...but then quickly did some research), "The Class of 73 Bells" begins with a flurry of flutes and electronic stings, coupled with the beautiful voice of School of Seven Bells' vocalist (and mother of Scott Heren's son) Claudia Deheza, and is 3:02 of aural adventure. The precision of Prefuse 73's production gives this song a tightness that is on par with even the best work of DJ Shadow, RJD2 or James Lavelle.

Speaking of precision, the B side "El Blanco" is also doing its fair shar to raise expectations for Prefuse's new album, Preparations (October 23rd, Warp Records). This song is a much simpler offering than "The Class of 73 Bells;" Plain and simple, it's just a bunch of funky noise. But I have a soft spot for noise that has rhythm, particularly if that rhythm sounds like a keyboard and MPC having sex.

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