Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Song of the Day - Vampire Weekend: "A-Punk"

Anytime someone tries to tell you today's Pop music isn't as good as that of past eras just point them in the direction of NYC quartet Vampire Weekend. I can't say that I know a whole lot about these guys (after all, I would still be in the dark had it not been for my friend Erin's glowing recommendation), other than they barely made their debut this year and only have only released one three song EP. Really, you should only need one song to realize these kids are catchy as hell and they have a gift for Pop melodies.

"A-Punk", my personal favorite on the EP, borrows heavily from 80's New Wave and Two-Tone Ska sounds (specifically Talking Heads and The English Beat), but ties them together in this neat little poppy-sounding package that is 2:17 of toe-tapping goodness. If you aren't convinced these guys would blow up as soon as Pitchfork or KCRW starts giving them some exposure (can you say Peter Bjorn and John?), then it's entirely possible you and I couldn't be friends. Acquaintances maybe, but certainly not full-fledged friends. That's how strongly I feel about how effortlessly catchy Vampire Weekend's music is.

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