Monday, October 15, 2007

Link Roundup - October 15th

OK, so I am officially retiring the name "Throwin' It Down" for my weekly collection of links. I never really liked that name and I don't even have a good reason for using it in the first place. Instead, I have decided to go with a title that is far more direct and to the point. All references to "Throwin' It Down" will henceforth be erased from the record. Anyway, on to the links...

  • Universal Music Group has plans to announce a new digital music player and bundled download service that provides consumers with "free major label music." I'm sure it will play nice with your existing MP3 collection (ie. the stuff you really downloaded for free) and won't cause any compatibility issues for your computer. UMG has a pretty good track record with being user-friendly, so there's no need to worry. [Wired Listening Post]
  • Apparently, 2007 was a year in which all rock music totally blows. Sure, if you limit your definition of "rock music" only to UK bands, but that isn't really fair now is it? [The Guardian]
  • Yay! A judge ruled that it is illegal to use backdoor programs to buy tickets from Ticketmaster before the public has a chance to buy them. Wait, we actually needed a judge to clarify this for us? [Billboard ]
  • The Washington Post gives us a primer on how bands "sellout" by allowing their music to be used in commercials. For reasons passing understanding, nobody from the Black Eyed Peas was interviewed for this piece. [Washington Post]
  • Unconfirmed reports say 1.2 million people downloaded In Rainbows on the first day. That's roughly 1,999,995 more downloads than the Screech sex tape! [Pitchfork]
  • Rumor has it The Eagles are going to play the halftime show of the Super Bowl. Yawn. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]
  • Happy 69th birthday to Fela Kuti! The world lost you way too soon. [Idolator]

*Photo credit: Flickr user Jeanne P. Meyer

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