Monday, October 1, 2007

Video of the Week - Daft Punk: One More Time/Aerodynamic Live @ The Wireless Festival

This week's Video of the Week is basically a shameless plug for Daft Punk's forthcoming live album/DVD Alive 2007, which comes out 11/20 on Virgin Records. Why the shameless plug? Because if you haven't had the pleasure of witnessing the spectacle that is a Daft Punk live show, then you need to know what you are missing.

This clip was taken from the French duo's performance at London's Wireless Festival early this Summer and can be found on the official Alive 2007 YouTube channel, which hosts other live clips and all of their music videos. What makes it so great is that it illustrates how much of a multimedia experience it is watching these guys perform. From the robot costumes to the giant UFO pyramid to the laser lights, Daft Punk does a masterful job of transforming whatever venue they are playing into an intergalactic space future party. It seems bizarre and not make much sense, but it's best not to ask such questions and instead just shake your ass until your heart's content.

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