Monday, November 5, 2007

Band You Should Be Listening To: Holy Fuck

I'm usually not a big fan of bands opting for band names that contain curse words. To me it just seems like a cheap excuse to use  a curse word in public, print or in person. But in the case of Toronto's Holy Fuck, I am willing to overlook this minor annoyance simply because I like their music too much.

On their self-titled debut  Holy Fuck creates nine songs of lo-fi electronic experimentation that burst out of your speakers ready for a party. Similar to The Go! Team's  brand of sample/rock/electronic mash-up sound, Holy Fuck derives it's infectious energy by using nothing but analog equipment. This means plenty of analog synths, sequencers and no shortage of effects pedal noise, while also employing unconventional non-instruments like a 35mm film sequencer (among others). Add to this a steady, but powerful rhythm section that keeps the pace of the music at a fever pitch and it becomes pretty easy to see that Holy Fuck wants you to listen to their music at full volume, preferably while moving around like you don't give a fuck.

Listen to a few selections off their debut album and see what I am talking about for yourself. Also, check out their new video for "Milkshake", which is probably the best use of animation that combines cute cuddly animals with psychedelic imagery and female masturbation (a niche genre, I know) I've ever seen.

Holy Fuck - "Frenchy's" (from their self-titled album)

Holy Fuck - "The Pules" (from their self-titled album)

Holy Fuck - "Milkshake"

*Photo Credit: flickr user bitchplz

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