Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Song of the Day - Black Moth Super Rainbow: "One Day I Had An Extra Toe"

Black Moth Super Rainbow is a band that I keep  meaning to check out, but somehow never do. I've always liked the name (it sounds like some ancient kung fu death grip or something) and I see their name mentioned in many places, yet giving them a listen frequently falls down the list of my priorities. Usually I get sidetracked with other music, like giving yet another Animal Collective release a try in hopes that I finally "get" why they are praised so much (sorry, I still don't), and with my musical ADD I end up moving on to 10 other things before the day is over and by then the moment has passed.

Not today. As I perused the tracks posted over the last several days on Pitchfork's Forkcast I stopped on this one and said to myself "fucking press play already! The song is staring you right in the face!" And so I did.

This song is full of so many things I like. Rolling synth beat. . .check. Simple drum machine accompaniment. . .check. Soothing psychedelic robot voice. . .check.  Swirling bleeps and blips. . .check and check. Mixed together, the song sounds exactly like a dream. Someone else's dream to be exact. BMSR created the song as part of a compilation for Esopus Magazine in which bands were asked to craft a song based on dreams submitted by their readers. While I've never dreamt that I had an extra toe, if I did I imagine the song playing in my head would sound like this.

* Photo credit: flickr user Nariposa

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