Saturday, December 22, 2007

The 20 best Albums of 2007 - Bruce Springsteen: "Magic"

16. This is list is taking way longer to complete than originally planned. With the holidays taking so much of my time, it's becoming harder to devote enough time to each entry and get through all 20 before the year is over. Today, I am forcing myself to be more brief with the write-ups  to each album.

Thankfully, I have said enough about Bruce Springsteen's latest effort already, so there is no need to add anything new. But I will say this. The world should be thankful that Bruce is still around giving voice to everyday Americans and their doubts/insecurities/frustrations with the country they love. It seems like such a simple concept, but most American rock bands fail miserably trying to pull this off simply because they are way too detached from the reality they are trying to describe.

A multi-millionaire like Springteen shouldn't be qualified to pull this off either, but rather than preach about people he read about from the comfort of his mansion, he travels to the heart of America and speaks with them in person. Part of me wants to reward him just for making such an effort to avoid pretension, but luckily the songs stand up on their own.

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