Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Video of the Week - Hot Chip: "Ready for the Floor"

The first Video of the Week of 2008 comes courtesy of London's Hot Chip and it totally has me excited for the release of their new album Made in the Dark (out February 5th). If you are already familiar with this band, you know that their music is nothing but a big heaping bowl of fun. If not, then go buy The Warning and listen to it NOW. Don't worry, I'll wait around until you are done.

Ready? Good. Now you can watch this video and put some faces to all that wonderful music. The first thing you'll notice is that Hot Chip could not look any dorkier than they do in this video. It's not an act. When you see these guys live (as I had the pleasure to do last year) it looks like the high school math team putting on a talent show. Except these nerds are way more talented than you (or I) are and they could not possibly be enjoying themselves more. It makes them more endearing and more "cool" than most hipster bands I've seen. I wish more bands looked as happy to do their job as these guys.

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