Monday, February 11, 2008

Song of the Day - Dragonette: "I Get Around" (Van She Vocal Mix)

I don't know very much about Dragonette, other than they are from Ontario, Canada and sound like a teeny-bopper hybrid of Ladytron and Metric. If that sounds like a disastrous combination to you then you can skip listening to their MySpace page if  you hope to be proven wrong. But if there's one thing redeeming about derivative electro-pop like Dragonette it's that it makes great remix material.

Sydney's Van She, themselves an unremarkable blend of 80's new wave revivalism and electro-pop, illustrate this concept with their take on Drangonette's "I Get Around." Whereas the original version sounds like something you would hear inside an obnoxious clothing store like Hollister or Forever 21, Van She's Vocal Mix would fit in nicely on the decks of some of the better dance DJ's around the world. That's because they gave this mix some serious techno beats and stripped away the annoying guitar riffs of the original. What results is a song that doesn't merely suggest you dance (like the original single), but instead smacks you on the back of head and demands you get your ass on the dance floor.

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