Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What I Learned from Jimmy McNaulty's Kids

Besides shouting my musical recommendations and opinions from the mountaintops, one of my favorite pastimes is watching a little television program called The Wire. Fans of the show are easy to spot since we are usually the ones who can't stop singing the show's praises. In fact, I have never met anyone who would be described as a 'casual' fan of the show. Instead, we are all convinced it is the best show on TV and criminally underappreciated by the Emmy voters. If you haven't seen it  then rent season one (you have to start from the beginning), watch at least the first five episodes and then tell me what you think. I would be shocked if you aren't convinced it is a brilliant show.

Anyway, while watching last week's episode something random caught my attention. During a scene where Detective Jimmy McNaulty (Dominic West) is apologizing to his teenage sons for missing yet another one of their school functions he asks one of them what music they are listening to. One of them replies, in that way where teenagers make it obvious that talking to you is a chore, "Dead Meadow", to which McNaulty asks "what the hell's wrong with the Ramones?"

I thought at first the name of the band was fictitious, but then I did a Google search and, sure enough, the results page was filled with album reviews, a MySpace page and an official website. After giving the songs on MySpace a listen I thought to myself hey, McNaulty's kids must be pretty cool because these Dead Meadow guys have some skill.  And they are by no means 'new' to the indie rock scene since they already have six albums to their credit. Most of their music is characterized by Black Sabbath guitar textures mixed with psychedelic and stoner rock tendencies, with a little shoegaze and country melodies thrown in there. Basically they sound like a less pretentious and more focused Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (that isn't a knock on BRMC, btw).

Their latest album, Old Growth, is available on Matador Records beginning today. I suggest you listen to the assorted tracks below and pick up a copy of the record if you like what you hear.

Dead Meadow - Assorted Songs:

SeeqPod - Playable Search

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