Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another HUGE Surprise Added to the Coachella Lineup?

So today I checked the LA Times' website to view the latest news and I was greeted with an earth-shattering headline under Entertainment News that read "Prince to be Added to Coachella." After picking up my jaw from the ground and texting my friends in excitement, I decided to write a post all about how Goldenvoice pulled another rabbit out of their hat and, in a scant 5 days, have revitalized the Coachella lineup into one of their best ever. . .then, I read the revised version of the LA Times story that now includes the following:

Correction: Coachella co-producers AEG Live have responded to this post. Brandon K. Phillips, CEO of AEG Live, writes in an email: “Paul Tollett, the head of our Goldenvoice division and our partner in the festival, just called to tell me that the LA Times put on their blog that Prince was playing Coachella. This is absolutely not true… Regardless of what the Times was told, there is no commitment from Prince to play Coachella.” Stay tuned…. this is the Purple One we’re talking about, so anything could happen.
OK, so now I am slightly pissed. I would be more angry if it wasn't for the fact that the LA Times has a pretty good record not reporting lineup additions unless they are 99% confirmed and that Paul Tollett is pretty sneaky about announcing late additions (remember 2006 when Kanye West was 'announced' when set times were posted?). So, I am choosing to temper my reactions until more news comes forth and take solace in the already-strong portion of the lineup that is confirmed.

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