Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Video of the Week - Bomb the Bass (Ft. Fujiya & Miyagi): "Butterfingers"

I stumbled upon this gem while browsing The Daily Swarm (as must-read for me everyday, btw) yesterday and imagine my surprise when I read the words Bomb the Bass under the section that showcases new music. Bomb the Bass? Are they even still around anymore? I mean, their last album came out 14 freaking years ago! Where the hell have they been all these years?

Actually, the name Bomb the Bass may have disappeared over all that time, but Tim Simenon, the brains behind the operation, has kept himself busy running his own record label (Electric Tones) and with producing/remix duties for many well-known artists. In late 2006 he dropped a note on his MySpace page announcing a new Bomb the Bass album was being record, which went largely unnoticed. Then, in January a name was revealed (Future Chaos) and a release date (sometime in May) was announced. Now comes word the first proper single is about to be released, which is a collaboration with Fujiya & Miyagi called "Butterfingers."

The song itself is very simple, with a heavy reliance on Minimoog synths and syncopated blips and bleeps, but its impact is greatly enhanced by the accompanying video. Produced by Perish Factory, "Butterfingers" depicts an animated Minimoog anthropomorphized into a living organism as it plays the song 'live' exactly how it would be played in real life. Watching the knobs twist, the keys get pressed and the buttons light up in perfect smiling harmony goes a long way to illustrate the impeccable timing and rhythm that goes into making such a seemingly simple song. 

Apparently, this is a taste of what the remainder of Future Chaos has in store for listeners, as Simenon has described its sound as "basically a Minimoog album with vocals on it." If their prolific past is any indication, that description hardly paints a clear picture of how good the music really is.

Bomb the bass - Butterfingers
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