Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Video of the Week - Stereolab: "Neon Beanbag"

Stereolab might be the simplest band to figure out. Their music follows a pretty consistent formula, with lounge-y melodies built upon Moog atmospherics and layered with cheery vocal delivery (although often time they are singing about leftist politics, the French lyrics and accents certainly sound cheery). You always know what you're gonna get with Stereolab, and that isn't an indictment of their sound. On the contrary, Stereolab has built a career of perfecting a sound that has managed to stay unique for nearly 20 years, so it would be foolish to penalize them for sticking so close to their guns when they practically invented it to begin with.

Their signature sound is showcased once again on their latest album, Chemical Chords. Like the last several albums before it, it isn't a giant leap forward musically, but is a compelling listen nonetheless. That's because over the years Stereolab has become more of a comfort band for me than anything else. That is, while they may not occupy a constant spot on my regular rotation of music, their music always comes in handy whenever I feel the need to listen to something light and fun. They never disappoint in satisfying that urge and their latest single "Neon Beanbag" achieves the goal just as good as anything else in their back catalog.

Not surprising, the video is simple and to-the-point. It's nothing more than a collage of bright colors and mod aesthetics set upon a backdrop of music that shares the same qualities. It's something that reminds me of Summer and helps take my mind off the fact that my favorite season is quickly drawing to a close.

Neon Beanbag

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