Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is This the Best Michael Jackson Tribute Ever? (Yes. Yes it is)

I envision a future, after SkyNet takes over and the humans are locked in perpetual war with robots, where the most popular form of entertainment will involve pitting man vs. machine in epic video DJ battles. And while the robots will probably be sophisticated enough to beat mere mortals each and every time, there's no god-damned way they would ever beat Peanut Butter Wolf, because that man is a fucking Jedi master of the Serato game. While we may be a long way from seeing a worthy robot challenger for PB Wolf, watching his tribute to the King of Pop is not a bad consolation. (Keep reading to see parts two and three after the jump.)

I've had the pleasure of seeing PB Wolf do live video mixes on three other occasions and each time it was quite impressive, but I always felt like after 40 minutes or so the mixes got a little long in the tooth (not bad enough to be an issue, but still). Usually PB mixes together many different genres of music and a fair share of movie dialog, which can sometimes have this ADD affect on the flow of the mix. Usually not a problem since the focus is visual anyway, but what I love about these tribute mixes is that they are centered around one theme. And since that theme has a plethora of wonderful music to choose from, it works better than anything else like this he's done.

I also think it does a fantastic job of displaying the immense influence on Hip Hop Michael Jackson had. All the songs are bonafide dance floor jams, and it's only logical they would be sampled over and over, but it's nice to hear how it all sounds as one continuous flow of music. And since radio stations have been playing nothing but MJ the last two weeks, it's a nice change of pace to hear something a little more original while still managing to honor a fallen legend. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.
[Thanks to Damian for showing this to me]

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