Friday, August 3, 2007

The Fertile Crescent is Born

As the author of this blog let me first come right out and say that I am in no way 'qualified' to write about music. That is to say, I do not work in the music industry nor do I have a degree in music, know how to play an instrument (at least with any proficiency), and I have never written about music for any commercial publication.

What does make me qualified to write about music is an appetite for music in all its forms that never reaches satiation. This appetite is derived from my inability to accept ignorance on any given subject. If someone converses with me about a subject that I have limited knowledge of then I make it my goal to learn more about said subject so that I can contribute to the conversation whenever it comes up again. To many this may sound like a pretentious desire to be known as the smartest person in the room (and I don't completely discount that assumption), but to me it is merely the result of an active mind that enjoys learning new things.

Although I may, from time to time, speak about a particular band/artist/song/genre with conviction and certainty, I am not pompous enough to think that my opinion is more valid than anyone else's. In fact, I don't want this blog to be a soapbox from which I expound upon my 'unimpeachable' opinions about music as if they are proven fact. That would get boring quite quickly and it wouldn't do much to get people excited about anything music related. Instead, I plan on using this blog as a forum from which I can connect with others who share a similar excitement for music that I do, perhaps turn some on to new bands/artists/songs/genres that they may not have previously known about and create a discussion about the many people, places and things (both past and present) that help explain why music is such a central part of mine and so many other people's lives.

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