Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Rapture @ The Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles 07/25/2007 - Photo Essay

This may be a little late, but this is the last show I went to before I started this blog and if you were there you would agree the statute of limitations on how long you can wait before you blog about a concert is still safely in the distance. With that said. . .

The Rapture took a break from supporting Daft Punk and took over headlining duties on consecutive nights at the Mayan Theatre in Downtown L.A. Having already purchased tickets for the second show in advance, I had the pleasure of winning tickets to the first night, courtesy of my friends at LAist. Never the one to turn down free tickets to anything, I jumped at the chance to see them on back-to-back nights. For some reason, cameras weren't allowed inside on Thursday, so all of these photos were taken Wednesday night from my close vantage point, which was miles better than the night after.One thing that always stands out to me every time I see these guys is how they become better showmen with each performance. Luke Jenner keeps adding to his rock bravado by engaging the crowd with poses and gesticulations that only people with a guitar in their hands can pull off.

Another highlight (as always) was Gabriel Andruzzi and his feverish brand of multi-instrumentation. It seemed like he never tires of dancing while playing the sax, keyboards and cowbell.

Speaking of the cowbell, this devoted fan decided there was only one prescription for his fever. Seriously, he started whacking on that thing and marching through the crowd with about 10 people following him.

More Luke Jenner theatrics...

I left this show (number six and counting) with the same thought I always have, which was The Rapture get better each and every time I see them. Already can't wait for number seven!

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