Monday, September 17, 2007

Link Roundup - Sept. 17, 2007

Time to shine the spotlight on some great stuff from around the information cyberspace tubes:

Holy crap, you can finally buy Radiohead's music online! Except you can only buy full albums, but at least the files are DRM-free (sorry, iTunes). [Wired Listening Post]

Tons of great coverage of Austin City Limits brought to you by the hard working folks at Austinist. [Austinist]

The Boston Herald interviews Underworld and they explain why America sucks them dry of money. Don't I know it. [Boston Herald]

Trent Reznor tells Australian fans it's OK to illegally download his records. I guess since the nation was founded as a penal colony then it only makes sense. [YouTube]

A couple of new tracks from Kompakt Records superstar producer duo Michael Mayer and Superpitcher, otherwise known as Supermayer. Listen to "The Art of Letting Go" and challenge yourself not to get that song stuck in your head. [Music for Robots]

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