Thursday, February 14, 2008

Link Roundup - 2/14

Here's a long overdue edition of stuff that I found interesting around the cyberspace:

- Thom Yorke DJ's on NPR. Immediately afterward President Bush threatened massive cuts in the National Endowment of the Arts if NPR didn't agree to give equal time to Toby Keith [NPR]

- Death of the CD Watch: Day 927 - Borders tries  desperate attempt to revitalize sagging music sales. [Idolator]

- Speaking of the dying music industry, the founder of The Pirate Bay gives rare interview to a Russian news program and is defiant as ever. Viva La Resistance! [Wired]

- Scarlett Johansson's album of Tom Waits covers is finally coming out and David Bowie contributes some vocals. While this is news, it also gives me an excuse to post a photo of the future Mrs. Ivan Juarez-Mrazek [Pitchfork]

- Epicurious reviews Marylin Manson's "Mansinthe"    brand of Absinthe and compares its odor to "sewer water." I don't need to write my own punchline here [Epicurious]

- Get that special music snob in your life a Valentine's day card he/she will love! [Action-Squad]

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