Friday, April 18, 2008

Meet Your Coachella Lineup - The Cool Kids

This year's lineup is arguably the worst for hip hop fans. For one, there's nobody that can even remotely be considered a headliner. In past years concertgoers were treated to the likes of Common, Kanye West, The Roots, Gangstarr and Ghostface, but not so this year. With that said, there's still a few acts who should bring the noise next weekend.

One such act is The Cool Kids. Hailing from Chicago and Detroit, The Cool Kids consists of "Mikey Rocks" (Antoine Reed) and "Chuck Inglish" (Evan Ingersoll) and basically all their music has been released via MySpace with only one single ("Black Mags") available for sale. The Kids have also been making the rounds on mixtapes and the club scene as enterprising DJ's around the country have been spinning white lables for over a year now.

Even with so little material to their credit, The Cool Kids have still managed to create a fair amount of buzz, thanks to their performances at the CMJ Music Conference and Pitchfork Music Festival in 2007, not to mention their sting in support of Kanye West and public support for Barack Obama. But all you have to do is listen to the music and it's easy to see why people expect big things from these guys. Plain and simple, they rock the mic like classic rap duos of the 80's, frequently evoking comparisons to EPMD and Eric B. and Rakim. As a someone who's a huge fan of those pantheon duos, and misses the days when hip hop music produced groups like them, The Cool Kids are exactly the type of group that makes me race to the record store (as soon as they release something for me to buy).

Rocks and Ingersoll are slated to release their debut LP When Fish Ride Bicycles sometime in the Fall on C.A.K.E. Recordings.

The Cool Kids - 88

The Cool Kids - Black Mags

The Cool Kids - Pump Up the Volume

The Cool Kids - Gold and a Pager

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